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Cell Phone Carriers List

Cell Phone Carriers List

A Number of my friends Not ask operators of hell that I wear make HP? Obviously because we'll  with our nation. Since the title of these telecom operators in most states it's certainly different. What about The US.  subsequent review see.
This is Cell Phone Carriers List in us.

1. AT&T
is the largest operator of the number 1 in the USA. I myself use this operator, though until today Don't Know whether the "AT&T" That's an abbreviation or really the title of it. However, no what, around Globes of Blue Coat of arms really are cute.


Also included are fantastic. I use this to make the net in your home, not create HP's. Nevertheless, the hefty speeding with favorable rates.

Sprint is fairly famous. Sprint was the first to commercialize in the USA "internet Data Card" 3 g CDMA EVDO (or whatever the term is),  Who followed in his footsteps from AT&T. I once was also after a subscription Net information card. Cool, simply plug from the Notebook, and where situated, can The world wide web. Direct login YM and reveal Off my teman2 same concerning this particular technology. However, the expense of the subscription Doesn't satisfy my, invest U $ D 50 a month, muahalll. Consequently, I simply enjoy It per month just.


First had I think Cingular it is Pr *-XL USA, because his coat of arms is similar.  apparently not. Anyway, Cingular is already acquired by AT&T. No wonder lah AT&T remained the largest in the US.

The operator is the first time I use the time in the USA. The color of his nyentrik, and his ringtone is also distinctive: do-do-do-mi-do (curious, I'll find a link to his youtube).
Reportedly the hell T-Mobile want to be taken over by AT&T. But I haven't followed the news again.

6. NET10

I used to use this HP before switch to AT&T. And until today my NET10 use Any parent. Its market share is your low-end user, since the Purchase Price of its Cheapest prepaid se-USA. Approximately 10 cents per second (mean 900 rupiah each Moment) great call or get telephone calls and 5 pennies per SMS send/receive (about 450 bucks). In Compliance with the motto, "no invoices, no Contract, no wicked" (animation ads can also be available)

Obviously in the nation This capitalist, telecommunications operators is Not just that I said previously. Others, such as buanyak with humorous Titles. For instance: Alltell (like AT&T), Virgin Mobile (Virgin automobiles, Wkwkwkwk), etc.,. But so much the operator2 memorable for me.

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